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Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Lover of Life

My name is Christine Giscombe, I am a Mentor and Coach and an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, I love what I do! I travel the world using my voice to Inspire, Equip and Empower.

My passion is to help those who are challenged by limiting beliefs of I can’t.  To inspire them through encouragement, to motivate them to take positive action in their lives.  To equip them with the right tools facilitated through mentoring or coaching programs.  To empower them to transition from one place to a next.  This is done by assisting them in acknowledging their negative limiting beliefs of I can’t, to a transitional place of I can, by uncovering and identifying their unique gifts, talents or skills and using them to add value to themselves and the lives of others.

This process enables them to lead empowered lives and will equip them to go on and empower others. Empowered people become Ambassadors of Change when they believe in themselves!



Hi, as you already know, I am Christine. I am an Empowerment Speaker, a Certified Coach and Mentor. (I do many other things too but let’s focus our attention on these three things)
As a very young mother, I faced adverse challenges in life, and struggled to find my voice.  Sound familiar? I know I am not alone here! Eventually with some courage and determination, I made the decision to use my life experiences to shape my destiny, to use my voice and change lives.
With over 10 years’ experience I have helped many young people make the transition from a negative place to a positive place, enabling them to face their challenges, recognise their fears and think more positively.
One of the topics that I love to speak about is the Power of Choice. I truly believe in equipping, empowering and motivating which results in healthy life style choices and changes.
I also believe that everyone has a talent, gift or skill that can add value and make a difference to someone else.
I am an accountability partner for a small charitable organisation for Vulnerable Young Women. I am also in the pool of mentors for the Branson School of Entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.
I am the former Chair of a large charitable organization and I enjoy volunteering my time and skills.
I am the the founder and CEO of Born to Excel.
Born to Excel is a mentoring, coaching, training and development program designed to equip and empower people to use their skills to empower themselves which enables them to empower others.
I would love to talk and see if I can be of value or service to help you give and get the best of out life.


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